Hybrid Sensor
High-performance shirt

Hybrid Sensor

With summer in Japan being hot and humid, many are in search of the perfect business shirt.
Look no further as we introduce our Hybrid Sensor High-Performance shirt.
Made with a highly functional 100% polyester material, our Hybrid Sensor shirt offer the technology and benefits similar to athletic sports wear but with the fit and fashion for the business scene.
It's quick-drying, perspiration wicking technology and wrinkle-free qualities make it perfect for traveling and any business occasions. 

Cloth Fabric

Similar texture to a traditional business shirt with advance technology .

Knitted fabric

Our knitted material focuses on breathability and strechability offering ease of movement to get you through your day.



Perspiration Wicking



Anti-Bacterial & Odor Resistent

Anti-Static (*available in select fabrics)

Superior quick-drying & perspiration-wicking technology.

Our Hybrid Sensor shirts offer excellent perspiration-wicking, twice as fast, compared to ordinary 100% cotton fabrics.
This technology helps to pull moisture from your skin in order to keep the body cool and dry.

Traditonal 100% cotton fabric

Hybrid Sensor


The JAXA COSMODE PROJECT was started between a partnership with Toray and J-Space to invent a material that could assist with reducing odor within the International Space Station since astronauts on board were unable to do laundry. This partnership was the beginning of the Mushon technology.
Toray’s Mushon went through extensive testing in the space uniform worn by astronaut, Takao Doi, during the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s mission in March 2008 with excellent results.

Mushon is a nanotechnology-based deodorant material which specializes in anti-bacterial/deodorant properties helping to reduce perspiration odor.
Mushon is a registered trademark of Toray. This material was invented and commercialized by applying the “nanamody” technology created through joint research with Toray and JAXA. Here at Flex Japan, we utilize this through our Hybrid Sensor clothing line.