Ultra Light Jacket



The world surrounds us is getting convenient day by day,
​and people prefer more comfortable and relaxed life style in this recent years.
JATTS was born in such time, and it is certainly new era clothes.


Overwhelming Lightness


Jacket weight is almost same as 1.5 shirts weight.
​No shoulder pad, no linings, you can wear it just feels like putting on shirt.
​Especially our original polyester yarn itself is extra light.
​It feels like you don't wear the jacket.

Wash & Go

Do you still worry about the wrinkles of Jacket??
well, no need to worry about wrinkles, and stains anymore.
You can wash this jacket at your house and put on with no iron.
That is JATTS.

​To be comfortable during Japanese humid summer, 
​it has great breathability and you don't worry about wrinkles by worn.
​The best Jacket ever for travel and business trip.

Comfortable life


Hybrid Sensor : Polyester 100% material is applied as JATTS materials ​which has

  ・Quick Dry
  ・Water Absorption

are a good match with JATTS.


Even among Hybrid Sensor, "Dot Air" fabric is amazing lightness and breathability,
it could be made with special techniques of Japanese fabric supplier.

The fabric has many holes on it and its pattern is not by woven but by digital printed which needs high level skills and techniques.

Amazingly, it's only about 220g!!

These function and amazing lightness made JATTS much more comfortable.

Pitti Uomo, Florence, Italy​

We attend Pitti Uomo in Italy, one of the biggest men's apparel exhibition.
​Our jacket is launched as very innovative and break the mold of men's dress clothes idea
that the most comfortable material is cotton 100% material.
We are changing the value of polyester in Europe where is the birthplace of original men's shirts and jacket, 
Our products deliver to Select shop of Milan, domestic of Italy and Singapore etc.